Thursday, January 31, 2013

KL Food in One

KL Food in One
A fully food post, don't click the link below if you're in hungry mode. =P

Bear Paw 熊手包
First try Bear Paw or 熊手包 in chinese, taste very normal, better go for McD. =X

Sushi Zanmai  - Coca-Cola
Sushi Zanmai as first dinner in KL, can't drink green tea at night so ordered coke.

Sushi Zanmai - Tamago Mentai+Chicken Katsu Curry
Tamago Mentai seems like is a must when you go to Sushi Zanmai.

Saw this colorful Macarons @ one of the bakery in Mid Valley.

SS2 Murni - Mee Raja
Supper time @ the famous Murni at SS2. Food there was B.A.D. - Big, Affordable, Delicious. =P

SS2 Murni - Roti Hawaii+Cheese Naan
Left: Roti Hawaii - stuffed with minced chicken, sausages and eggs.
Right: Cheese Naan - taste not bad, but I still prefer Roti Bom Cheese @ Steven Corner. =X

又一村香港茶餐厅 - 双拼饭
Second day's lunch @ 又一村, Sungei Wang. I ordered their 双拼饭, the roasted pork is very nice. =D

Dinner @ 胜记砂煲老鼠粉, I think this is the third time I post in here? Still taste good, why Penang got no one selling this. =/

Pavilion Food Republic
The end of the food post, next post will be some random capture of the KL city, stay tuned. =D

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