Sunday, September 09, 2012

Kaffa Kafe @ Straits Quay

Kaffa Kafe, Straits Quay
Went there for lunch few weeks ago, but personally I don't really recommend it. =x

Chicken Soup @ Kaffa Kafe, Straits Quay
Soup of the day, creamy enough with bread crumbs as touch up, I like. :D

Pan-fried Fish Fillet Almondine
Four main courses ordered, but all taste normal to me, especially this, totally unlike.

Mint Ice-cream @ Kaffa Kafe, Straits Quay
Mint ice-cream as dessert, at least it's better than the main course.


  1. the main course hami gui lai? like got almond aneh eh

  2. soft soft fish+almond+oil, abit geli =x

  3. so weird d matching =.=


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